Disable turbo for max multiplier all the time

Am i right that if i disable turbo on my i5 3470 with my z77 mb that the oc of x40 x 100 will make my cpu always run at x40= 4.000ghz?

I thing my cpu only runs at 38x because it only goes up to x40 when turbo kicks in?

When does turbo kick in?
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    Turbo kicks in when the program, game or stress test that your doing calls for more processing power. If you diable turbo and set the clock multiplier to 40 then the CPU will run at 4ghz all the time.
    I always disable turbo when overclocking.
  2. Didn't work for me still running 3.8ghz so i have just enabled enhanced turbo
  3. The i5-3470 has a turbo speed of 3.6ghz so that means that you can only have a clock multiplier of x36, you should not be seeing a x40 or a x38 clock multiplier. The only way that you can get to anything higher is to raise the BCLK.
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