My modem keeps on resetting/disconnecting, but will sometimes stay down for awhile.

My internet since about 3 months ago has been going down constantly, and sometimes staying down. It started originally only going down for short periods of time, maybe 10-15 minutes a day, then it gradually grew and eventually got the point where it'd go down for hours multiple times a day. So we switched providers. This new provider has other issues that we need to address (Low signal), but just like the other one (Which worked fine for us for a year prior to this) is dropping.

I was looking around on Google, YouTube, Yahoo Answers etc. and found something called "High Upstream Power Level" and I think this might be the problem, although I'm not sure.

Another thing I found was something about people making it so you cannot connect when you're network is secured via WPA-PSK --- so they can hack you, but I connect via an ethernet cable. However, even the laptops in my home have been able to connect whenever our internet is actually working properly. I have had accounts etc. get hacked before so I don't rule out the possibility of this.

Do you think either of these are the situation and why? Any other ideas as to what it could be? My ISP is coming here on Wednesday and I wanna know some things I could have them look at in response to this issue, because if this doesn't get fixed I'm gonna switch to another ISP, which I really do not wanna do.
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  1. Do you have what we call an adsl broadband connection.
    Or are you on a fiber optic based broadband service.

    If it is the first of the two get your phone line tested from your house to the local exchange. If it is the problem then no amount of changing your ISP will solve your problem since it will be down to the quality, or state of the phone line.

    It is the same for a fiber optic broadband connection, only more can be done.
    If there is too much noise on the line or the power is too low or high it will cause loss of service or intermittent drop out of the service.
    So call the fiber optic cable company and have an engineer test the power, and noise levels of the line from your house to the fiber optic box at the end of your street.
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