Enermax Ostrog Gt case

Does anyone have this case? If so, whats your feelings about it
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  1. Best answer Linking just to make sure we are talking about the right one. To sum it up, a solid flashy gamer case. Lights can be turned off/on easily since it has a button. Good airflow, cable management, good amount of room and removable 2.5 and 3.5 hdd cages. Everything you want in a good case. But the big downside: the air filters. It's the flimsy ones with no frames and they are screwed on, 6 pain in the ass screws on the front, 4 on the bottom plus the psu filter which just bends out which tends to flick dust off. There is no easy way to get to the bottom filters and you have to tip the case or put it on its side to unscrew. Really is so much of a pain, it's easier to just vacuum the front/bottom to get most of the dust off. Other than that it's a good case.
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