Hard drive won't formate! HELP! HDD won't Initialize

Hi guys I'm looking for some much needed help with my pc I recently bought a SSD drive and wiped windows off my current drive a 2TB seagate. When I was done installing windows on my SSD I went and connected my two other drives my 2TB and 500GB but when I turned it on my PC got stuck at bios and eventually i figured out it was whenever I had the 2TB drive plugged in it would freeze at bios. Well after a lot of testing I had a USB to SERIAL ATA cord and connected the drive externaly to my PC and went into my disk Management area and seen that my 2TB was there. Everytime I try to format it I get this error "This request cound not be performed because of an I/O error" can someone pls tell me whats wrong or how to fix this or how to get it too work! running out of space on my small 500GB.

Here is what im using to set my hard drive up to my pc

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  1. Branson dumisani said:
    Most probably bad sectors, firmware driver error, or defective data cable.

    What I suggest is. Shut down your computer, then after a few minutes turn it on again. If that does not solve the problem, try to check your disk for bad sectors. If nothing works, try your HDD on another machine and see if it is healthy or not. If healthy, go for a new data cable.

    I have tryed using a different data cable and nothing I tried it on anther machine and it loaded to where is says starting windows and it stopped there. As for bad sectors or driver I don't think I can check any of that or how do I do it?
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    1. Just download Bootit Baremetal
    2. make a bootable USB or CD with BBM
    3. Startup from this USB or CD
    4. Go to "partition manager".
    5. Choose problem HDD
    6. If "error" , try other setting change "BUS" into "BIOS direct" i.s.o. "BIOS" (upper left dropdown box in partiton screen)
    7. Now choose "change disk type" and make it something else (change MBR into GPT) (this will lead to destruction of any unwanted DOS partitions, just "delete" + "clear boot sector" did not suffice for me)
    8. It will now be formatted.
    9. reboot and your HDD will work in Windows again (if you like you can change GPT into MBR again) :D.
  3. Try this, I did it and it didn't delete any of my data.
    In disk management
    Right-click the disk
    Select properties
    Go to the drivers tab
    Click disable
    Hit OK
    Disconnect the drive from computer
    Reconnect it and it should pop up normally.
    Hope this helps
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