Gigabyte 990fx UD3 defective?

I few weeks ago i got my HD7770 back from Asus. I put it in and the monitor had a bunch of green lines across even after I installed drivers. It wouldn't even boot past the welcome screen and would just black out during the loading process. This week I noticed that my speakers were only working on the left side even though all the cables were plugged in correctly. The Speakers are Logitech X-540's that have a 'Matrix" option, I noticed the audio when I turned it on. The speakers are not the problem since I hooked it up to another PC and all levels were working correctly. My question is that is the motherboard defective and not working or is there something that can be done (I highly doubt it). I will probably RMA it to gigabyte if it isn't fixable.
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  1. If you know that the GPU is working then it is a good possibility that the board is faulty.
  2. Well it came back from Asus's RMA after I sent them a faulty one, so I'm guessing it should work
  3. And you were sure the card was faulty but not the board? It has happened that people got bad cards back.
  4. The board also has the audio problem so I have a feeling that it is the board an the pci e slots are messed up.?
  5. It is not unlikely.
  6. I have no idea what to do :/
  7. I would RMA it for the sound issue and hope it will fix the GPU issue as well.
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