Different Brand of ram with different timings

I added a 4gb stick of ram today, now I have 2x of 2gb ddr3 1600, and a 4gb ddr3 1600 ram. However, the cas latency of the two is different. The 2gb sticks are cas lat 9 and the 4gb is cas 11 lat.

I've notice that on my bios, the 4gb stick is running at 1600mhz, but the 2gb sticks are running at 1333mhz. I am running XMP mode, it shouldn't be running at 1333mhz. Any ideas?
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    Guessing you are looking at the SPD info rather than the DRAM settings for what is running - download and run CPU-Z - and look in the Memory tab, would almost guess you are actually running at 1333 (will show 667 or show in the freq window of the memory tab) then let us know the DRAM model #s , the CPU and the mobo
  2. This is what I see on CPU-Z
  3. You're good to go 1600 in dual channel, good job (it's DDR DOUBLE data rate - so freq (800) times 2 = effective (1600)
  4. Ah, that's good to hear. Thanks!
  5. No problem, have fun
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