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So, here's the deal. Recently, I bought a second GTX 660 SC to run in SLI with the original. I had my hopes that the scaling would be great. Alas, that is not the case. I'm a huge Battlefield fan, so I'm trying to prepare this rig for 100fps+ average in Battlefield 4. My benchmarks here came from Battlefield 3. The averages are as follows:Ultra-70.45;High-75;Medium-82;Low-86.78. As you can see, pretty much a waste of money. I tried overclocking my CPU, which made my frames even worse. With one card, I was getting around 55fps on average. Its pretty upsetting that I wasted $200 for such a poor increase. Is there any reason why this is happening? I've seen people get great scaling in BF3 with these cards, so it doesnt make any sense. Should I just sell the pair and buy one high end card? I was considering a 7990 since they went down in price. But I'd rather just use the cards I have if possible.

Msi 970a-G46
AMD FX 6200
2x Evga Geforce GTX 660 SC
8GB Corsair Vengeance
850W Bronze PSU

Thanks guys.
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  1. mhtsgr9 said:
    simple answer is ur CPU..
    ur CPU is good ,
    but not as good as That u get 100+ fps ..
    even if u get A hd 7990 ur FPS will decrease to 20-25.
    because ur CPU will get bottlenecked.
    so its better to OC ur CPU not GPU to get better performance

    I did oc my CPU. And it gave me worse frames. I think I'm just gonna sell the 6200 and 660s, and buy a sapphire radeon 7990 and fx 8350.
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