Black bars (small)

Hey all,
so i have an LG HDTV and it is connected to my nvidia gts250 via HDMI.
when i use the hdmi i get these black bars on the left and right sides of my screen they are probably 3-5mm thick.
very small i know... but i would like to know if it is possible to fix, as i dont get this problem with a VGA connection

thanks all in advance :D
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  1. you need to adjust the screes rez to fit the hdtv, then in nvidia control panel (right click desktop and select from options) you can resize the desktop manually to fit the picture to fit the tv
  2. i have tried this, my native res is 1360 x 768 (looks fine on vga but black bars with hdmi) i have tried to increase the numbers a bit in custom resolution. This fixes the problem of the black bars but make the quality a lot worse. :\ any ideas?

    the 1080p 1366x768 looks fine (size wise but the quality is bad) even tho my native is 1360x768
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