can my external hard drive be repaired/recovered?

My External hard drive fell fell off my computer on to a tile floor and stopped working. The light on the usb still comes on but the computer doesn't read my hard drive. i too the drive out of the case and in to one of my SATA drives and wasn't being detected. On system browser it it on there and has the s/n but no other info can be found. (Image below)
Is there a way to somehow save the data or is it dead for good?

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  1. Its likely unrecoverable by yourself. You'll have to send it to a recovery center. That can cost you a lot of money, but all you data will be restored.
  2. Is this something the "freezer" trick will supposedly help?
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    shawn4132 said:
    Is this something the "freezer" trick will supposedly help?

    It will work if the head or spinning mechanics is stuck. If something is broken beyond repair, it won't help. But if you think you can do it correctly, it won't hurt to try.
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