Is this a good computer build for gaming?

Hey guys i am looking to build a good gaming computer and I have this set-up in mind...

The total build will cost just under $1,500

Will all this even work together? Is this a good build? If not what do you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

i5 4670k
msi z87 gd-g65 gaming
kingston hyperx 8gv black
seasonic 650w 80 plus gold
nzxt phantom 410 black
windows 7
samsung 840 evo 250gb
msi gtx 770 gaming
WD blue 1tb
silverstone air penetrator 120mm fan x2
bitdenix alchemy red led strip
gentle typhoon 1850
nzxt sentry 2
asus dvd writer

Or maybe instead of 250gb ssd id get 120gb for less cost and i really dont think ill use 250 gb on the ssd
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  1. Its ok
    NIce buld
    Good Brands :)
  2. Its perfect, go for it!
  3. That is a very solid system. Enjoy!
  4. Are you guys sure that these parts will work together?
  5. rambo244 said:
    Are you guys sure that these parts will work together?

    Yes! No doubt!
  6. If I were you I wouldn't buy a gtx 770 only because it's nothing more than a overclocked gtx 680. If you can afford it go with the gtx 780, it's almost as good as the Titan at a much cheaper price.
  7. What about if I get an HD 7990 instead?
  8. The GTX 770 is also cheaper and has better cooling than a gtx 680.,3107-5.html
  9. The 7990 has more power than the Titan but it uses a lot of power and it has the disadvantage of being dual GPU, so it's not going to work well with everything you try to play. I'm just not a fan of rebranded cards neither is tomshardware, yes the 770 is a better value than the 680 but it's still the same chip.
  10. Okay, well Im not looking to spend that money if the 7990 is going to have trouble with running some things right..

    How about (2) gtx 760? or (2) Hd 7970?
  11. The two 760's would be better than the two 7970's right now only because AMD is still working on new drivers to solve latency issues. So far it's looking good for AMD with their 13.8 Beta drivers with frame pacing. Two 7970's equals one 7990 with the difference of the 7990 being one card with two 7970 chips on it.
  12. So as of right now I'd be going with 2x 760's...

    Any others that I should consider? or Would this be a sick set-up?
  13. Two 760's beats your original one 770 by a good amount and it's only about $100 more. The 760's are a great value, I say go for it.
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