Missing ipv4 and Cannot Connect to the Internet

Hi Guys,

I would just like to seek help from you. It has been a week since my laptop is not connecting to the internet. The icon (for the internet) on the task bar has a red x-mark. But when I move the arrow over it, it says that I am connected to the internet(and has Internet access) even I'm not. Its ipv4 is also missing. My laptop is DELL and has Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. I've tried hundreds of solutions, yet I can't find the answer. I'd like to hear your suggestions. Thank you!
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  1. From the Device Manager, navigate to Network Adapters and expand the tree. Right click and uninstall the ethernet card and reboot. Windows should autodetect the card and reinstall the appropriate drivers. This should re-enable IPv4.

    I that doesn't fix the problem, try a repair install (you'll need a Windows 7 DVD to do that).
    Without a Windows 7 DVD you will have to perform a factory recovery , but back up all your data to a different location before doing that.
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