Keyboard keys not working!!! Please read and help...

2 months ago I had Xp on my desktop then some keys of the keyboard suddenly sttoped working.. after some time my Avast detected a root-kit infection and when I rebooted my system some of the functions were not available such as (no copy/paste, no task bar and start menu, no antivirus and firewall, etc). So I Formatted the SYSTEM drive and installed windows 7 32-bit and the system worked perfectly and after 3 days my keyboard keys started working!!!!!

And then we fast-forward to today....... an hour ago I noticed that my keyboard keys (THE SAME ONES AS BEFORE) were not working. So, please tell me a way to fix my keys to work again and I also wanted to know if there is any chance of my system being hit with a root-kit virus again.


PS: the keys that stopped working both times are:
+ on numpad
? on numpad
. on numpad
2 on numpad
front slash key

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  1. Sounds like a crappy keyboard. That's always the first thing to check.
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    Root kits are put on your computer either through email attachments or infected web page code (active x advertisements and the like). You probably have the same root kit again. Install an anti-virus program, if you haven't already. Remove the root kit using an appropriate fix from MS or your antivirus company. If you are web surfing as an administrator, don't do that. Make a user level account and use that for your daily computing.

    lastly, check the keyboard manufacturer website for the latest drivers.
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