Rome II Performance Probs?

Hi, I have some problems running Rome II. i have pretty powerful system, but when i play Rome sometimes i get 16 FPS and it is horrible, but when i go to MSI Afterburner i see that my gpu usage is around 80-or 70%. It is stupid because when I play BF3 (MAX) my GPU usage is 95-99% and i get from 65-90 FPS with 4xAA.
I think Rome should be patched to help the game use system at its full potential.

Anybody know if there are some tweaks to improve performance?

I alredy OC my system and i run the game on SSD my specs:
i7-3770K 4.4GHz
Sapphire 7970 Vapor X (1190Mhz)Core
8GB RipjawsX 1866MHz CL8
Maximus V Formula
Corsair HX 1050W Gold
128GB Samsung 840 PRO
1TB WD Black

Powerfull system but game run bad?
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  1. Like all previous TW titles, this one has significant issues at launch. I'm sure CA will eventually patch the game to make it run better. But trust me, its not just you.
  2. might I suggest this ? As a "quick fix" go into the game's properties and select BETA's opt for the beta's and install the 3.0 beta. It reduces allot of the known issues.

    If you're just going to wait, then just be patient they will release beta 3.0 as patch 3.0 soon enough :)

    Another thing I found (me personally) was that my system performed better under extreme than on medium (I also had fps issues so I lowered the graphics settings to try and reduce it, but that only made things worse)

    Hope this helps
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