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I have got a question regarding Chkdsk and USB hard disks. I need some confirmations. I'm talking about Windows 8, and the new Chkdsk, which has been improved in Windows 8. I mean the Chkdsk with graphical user interface, not the one available inside the command prompt (I'm not sure if they work identically). I'm using specifically Windows 8 Pro 64bit, but think there should not be differences between the different Windows 8 sub-versions, in this case.

Let's say that I start a Chkdsk scan of an USB hard disk, from the "Properties" of this USB hard disk ("Check" button inside "Tools" tab, with written "this option will check the drive for file system errors".

When the final report window appears after the scan (usually saying that "no errors were found", or similar), can I be sure that Chkdsk has finished working with that drive (regarding the manual scan which I have run)?

May I, at this point, immediately remove/disconnect the USB hard disk, with no fear that some Chkdsk operation is still happening, in which case I would risk to corrupt the file-system of that USB hard disk? Or should I wait some seconds, or minutes?

I always use the "safely remove hardware" function in Windows (and have write cache turned off for USB drives), but have the minimal doubt that Chkdsk could interrupt the scan process for some seconds, thus freeing the hard disk, and then proceed again. If I remove the USB hard disk during that small time window (when it is not accessed), some damage could happen (these are just hypothesis, and I admit I'm being quite paranoid here).

USB hard disks are wide-spread, so probably Microsoft would have made so that no problems would arise in such cases.
In addition, since I always get the report that "no errors were found" (or similar), I think that Chkdsk should have no write operation to do, since there is nothing to repair; so there should be no file-system corruption by an interrupted write process, and the file-system of the USB hard disk would remain intact, untouched, and healthy.

What do you think? Thanks.
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    You are fine.

    Using safe remove stops ALL programs from being able to access the drive anyway.

    As you say, when it says it is done with no errors, It is done.

    Sometimes safe remove will say the disk can not be removed. This is normally something like lets say the virus scanner access it or even a program trying to index or otherwise use the disk.

    As long as you get the it is now safe to remove message, no more reading or writing can even happen to the disk
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