Is the AMD FX-4170 a quad core or a dual core with multi-threads ?

Right now i'm confused between the fx-4170 and the phenom ii x4 965

Which one is the best in gaming ?
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    It's a quad core CPU.
    But the cores share resources.
    They've all got an integer unit but they share FP units.

    So, it's not a Dual Core CPU with multiple threads. It's a quad core CPU with incomplete cores.

    And now to answer your question, go with the Phenom if you're going to overclock.
    Otherwise go with the FX.

    BUT, if you can afford a FX 6300, I strongly recommend you get that instead.
  2. I would go with the Phenom II over the 4170. Bulldozer chips are not very good. FX 4300 or 6300 are better choices.
  3. An FX-4170 and a Phenom II 965 will trade blows, and can be considered roughly equal. You'd probably have a hard time differentiating the two with real-world experience. Both will be good for an entry-level platform.

    As Kamen_BG said, an FX-63XX series would be a better investment.
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