need help reinstalling oem intel heatsink/fan

I have an Asus CM6850 desktop. I cleaned out the dust bunnies in the case.

The heat sink was pretty caked too and I noticed the fan had been sounding louder lately so that's what provoked me to dust the case in the first place.

So anyway after cleaning out the dust bunnies and removing the old thermal paste from the cpu and heat sink. I applied new arctic silver and attempted to reinstall it.

but when I booted up, fans were spinning full blast cpu temp in bios was 190f, so definitely not working.

When I took off the heat sink etc, it was obvious it was not making proper contact because the paste basically did not spread more than a dab or so over.

After doing this several times. I have finally pulled the mobo out and have determined that on two of four feet/posts I cannot completely push the black pin all the way in to hear the click. I am using as much force as I can

When the heat sink/fat are not installed I can easily push the black posts all the way down and twist them to lock position no problem. Only when I attempt to install are 2 of them difficult. If you are familiar with the intel stock setup, you'll probably know there is a clear plastic piece and a black plastic piece. The clear piece seems to penetrate fully, its just the black piece that wont go through.

Any tips (besidses buy a new heat sink/fan), I'm desperate here, and kinda poor right now.

In between writing this, I was able to get 3 out of 4 posts fully secured and locked in place. The 4th is still a massive PIA. I have the mobo installed back into the case. I feel like its impossible to put any more pressure without damaging the mobo. As it is now mounted back in the case, I see it flex when I'm trying to push in that damn thing. When I had the mobo out of the case I tried putting pressure on both sides but its so awkward to do that.

Much appreciation.
[edit] so we're on the same page, the heatsink I have is basically like this one

please note the plastic feet as seen in the alternate photo

This looks like virtually the same heatsink to me, but if I had to replace I would want to use something with actual clamps cause I think this design is absurd. What do I need to search for and ideally the cheapest option. Not doing any overclocking etc, this is just an office pc.
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    That's the stock heatsink...from memory it's fairly easy to install. I normally remove it completely, unlock all the feet then push down the feet which are diagonal to each other. Lock 2 which are diagonal first then the same for the other 2.
  2. Thanks I did attempt to lock them on diagonal opposite orderbut this thing is complete garbage. I did end up finding a low cost zalman for like 10 bucks that has clamps and a bracket. Should be arriving today.
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