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hello, i bought the hd 7700 using vga connections. okay so in order for me to get a display when i every i start my computer. i have to un plug and then plug back in the dvi in the back of my computer. i have been doing this for months now idk if there a problem with the card or computer. i am using a vga converter into a dvi. should i not be doing this will it harm my card please tell me thank you.
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  1. It could very well be the converter that's to blame. Ideally you should avoid using them. The adapter won't damage anything, but at the very least you should use a standard VGA cable without an adapter if that's possible, if only to confirm that the adapter is the culprit.

    Generally speaking, as regards graphics and colour quality on-screen, DVI offers no discernible ddifference over VGA. Certainly I could see no difference between the two that would compel me to use DVI.
  2. its just that my monitor doesnt have a dvi connection on it would a hdmi give the same fps as a dvi in a game?
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    HDMI, DVI, VGA - none of them have any bearing on the max fps that's attainable. The key components in that regard are the graphics card and the processing power of the CPU.
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