Can't figure out why I am not able to use dual monitors with my geforce gtx 650

The problem is, is that my card isn't even picking up that I have a second monitor plugged in. The monitor itself works though. I just can't seem to figure out what the deal is. Can anyone help please?
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  1. Do you see the second monitor in Nvidia control panel?

    Did you extend the desktop in Nvidia control panel to the second monitor?
  2. To diagnose it, I would start by swapping the cables between the two and then swap the graphic port used. Using two DVI cables, right?
  3. How do i extend the desktop in Nvidia control panel? I don't see the second monitor in either control panel. I have tried swapping them and it just seems that the port isn't registering that there is another monitor plugged in or that my port is somehow messed up.
  4. I only have vga hookups so i have to use connectors on my graphics card
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    If you can't see the second monitor in control panel and you know the monitor is working, then the 650 isn't functioning correctly or you have something wrong between the 650 and the monitor.

    I have a machine with a 650 in it and it only has 2xDVI ports and a mini-HDMI. Are these the available ports on the back of yours?

    If yes, are you saying you're using a DVI to VGA converter? If so, the converter or the cable might be the issue.
  6. I have done some more reading about it and i do believe that you cant use a vga hookup on both. only the dvi- i port can have the vga and the dvi-d has to have a complete dvi-d cord.

    Thank yall for helping me though!
  7. I have used both geforce and amd and usually you can only use 1 digital and and 1 analog together not 2 digital or 2 analog I am using this on an amd card now I get my new pc tomorrow and I hope it will work on it to
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