Max multiplier for my cpu is only x39 and no cpu voltage control.

Hi, i'm new here so help me out guys.

i wanna overclock my i7-3770k but i have an issue. so, my problem is that my max multiplier for my cpu is just x39 and i can't get past it, i also noticed that there's no cpu voltage in my bios.

i have i7 3770k and a MSI H61M-P31-G3.

please help me out with this, guys. thanks in advance!
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    You have an unlocked multiplier on the processor, but your motherboard's chipset doesn't support CPU overclocking. You will need to replace it if you want to overclock the CPU.

  2. thanks for the response, bro. yeah. i really need a new mobo. thanks btw. :)
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