Clock for clock, is an i3 ivy bridge core as fast as an i5 ivy bridge core?

Do they only differ in the amount of cache?

If so, then what effect will the different amount of cache make? When will this difference be most noticeable?

If not, then what else is different?
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    Well, I'd say that yes, clock for clock the i3 is just as fast. However, the i3 is a dual-core Cpu and the i5 is a quad core so that's where most of your difference comes from. A lot of programs and games are using more than 2 cores so even though the i3 is a great value, it really starts to show weakeness when compared to Amd quad-cores and, of course, Intel quad-cores.
  2. Clock for clock each individual core in an i3/i5/i7 are all equal in performance.
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