Time to upgrade my HD-6770

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: In the next 2 months.

BUDGET RANGE: $200-300

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: The most Demanding thing I do is MMO gaming, (WoW, Aion, Skyrim, and Upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online)


OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: CPU: I5 3570K MSI z77 MoBo, 16gb PNY Ram, 500GB Samsung SSD

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: It Really Doesn't matter, Willing to order wherever has the best price. (Which I will be researching myself with some awesome recommendations from you guys)

PARTS PREFERENCES: I have no parts Preference just as Long as I get the most bang for my buck.

OVERCLOCKING: Possibly for Overclocking, wouldn't mind SLI or Xfire either. (I have considered 2 older cards for SLI or Xfire if that would be OK as well)

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080p 120Hz

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like to run the above mentioned games at the highest settings possible at max resolution.

Thanks for any help you are able to provide.
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  1. I would recommend waiting for the release of AMDs next generation of graphics cards. It's supposedly about a month away.
  2. ^What he said, if you're looking to buy in 2 months, you're asking too early; if you can wait that long, definitely do, the longer you can wait, the lower the prices will be/the better the cards that will be available.
  3. @Sakkura & @Jaxem thanks for the Input, I built a new system for the release of The Elder Scrolls Online which was supposed to be this year, however it was pushed back until spring 2014 so I have some Time. Was just trying to get ahead of the game. Was thinking of just going with a 660TI but Just not sure if that would have been enough!!!!
  4. With your price range you can do way better than a 660ti even if you bought right now, a 760 for example, or a 7970 even...but just wait, it'll get better if you wait (hard to do, i know ;))
  5. It may be a little off topic, as well as in the wrong place, but what about the other specs for my Build? Would you recommend replacing anything else. I did forget to add that I use a Modular Water cooler for my CPU!
  6. I really wouldn't say anything else is near needing an upgrade with what current apps/games are able to utilize. My machine is spec'd much lower and runs everything happily.
  7. The rest of your system is top-notch for gaming, no reason to upgrade anything else.
  8. Got to looking a bit on amazon, what would be your thoughts on 2 of These?
  9. That would be a killer combo for the price, especially since you could sell one set of never settle game codes to recoup some of the cost...
  10. Just curious if I went that way how long would you Guesstimate it would be a "Reliable" and "up to date" Pair? Spending That kind of money I would hope for it to last a few years!!!
  11. at 1920x1080 on a single monitor you'd get at the very least a few years out of two of those.
  12. Would that be considered overkill for what I want to do? sorry for all the questions GPU's are something I am not as familiar with as I should be!
  13. Well, with that kind of power you sure won't have any GPU bottleneck, so as fast as your CPU will take is is how fast you'll go, if you're doing multi monitor or Crysis/Skyrim heavily modded, that's not overkill at all
  14. Just for the sake of asking what would be the Lowest Recommended card to SLI with for decent performance with the games I listed. SLI isn't required I may not even utilize SLI Its just an Option.
  15. If it's an option, you're almost always better off with a single higher end card than an sli or crossfire setup. i wouldn't do it with less than 660's or 7850's personally
  16. Sir Jaxem Thanks so much for your insights into this I'm coming to the conclusion that a 7950 or 7970 will be my choice, will I need to worry about my CPU trying to bottleneck?
  17. Best answer
    oh dear no, you've got a rockin CPU that will have no problem keeping up for a long time :), a 7900 series would be a great pairing with what you've got, and you'll get some great games with it.
  18. Jaxem said:
    oh dear no, you've got a rockin CPU that will have no problem keeping up for a long time :), a 7900 series would be a great pairing with what you've got, and you'll get some great games with it.

    I'm sold Sir. I think I'm going with the 7950 and Might get another one sometime next year. However, might wait until next month (if I can)to see what AMD rolls out with. Thanks for all of your enlightening answers to my questions. You are a credit to this site and THAT is the reason I return with all of my Computer Questions!!!!! Thanks Very Much!!
  19. No problem whatsoever, have fun with your machine :)
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