Compare two computers

Which is a better computer/
HP ENVY 700 030 QE or
HP ENVY 700 074
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    700 030QE is the better one, because is has the i7-4770 ( 700 074 has i5 4430 ) and HD 7670 GPU ( 700 074 has HD 4600).
    But I think you will pay about $900-1000 for the 030QE.
  2. Thank you so much. This was informative and a big help. I'm willing to pay the difference.
    Now that you helped me decide on the 700 030QE. I found another that I believe is better than that one.
    HP ENVY h8-1455 Desktop PC. Am I right?
  3. They are almost same, the new one has I7-377K and HD7570, because you can not OC the K CPU in the HP PC, and also HD7670 is a little bit better than HD7570.
  4. Thanks again. I'm all set you have solved my problem
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