Best Graphics Card For £70 - £100?

I'm building a gaming pc and as im on a limited budget im wondering what sort of graphics card i could get in that price range? Im not looking for every game to run on ultra but i do hope it can achieve medium-high settings at playable framerates? If it helps here is what i have at the moment:

Zalman Z9 Plus Case
Asus P8B75M-LX Mobo
4GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600Mhz RAM
Western Digital 1TB Caviar Blue HDD
Asus DVD Drive (Not sure exactly what model)
Intel Pentium G860 CPU
Corsair CX500 PSU

ANY help will be appreciated:) Thanks Guys
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  2. Thanks for the reply! I've had a look at those cards, would you say a 7790 would be better than the 650 ti? As on amazon the price is £95 for an ASUS 7790 1GB OC Direct CU II
  3. Yes, a 7790 is faster and that is a good price.
  4. Thanks:D
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