Best uAtx case compatible with a nzxt x60 Kraken

I'm currently building a new system using an i7 haswell 4770k, combined with a gigabyte GIGABYTE GA-G1.Sniper M5. I need to find a case that can fit that ,and a 280 mm radiator preferably ontop. I already took interest in corsairs 350D but I need to know.

Is there any other case that can fit the kraken and uAtx? Atx mid towers are out of the question for me since I travel.
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  1. 350d is fantastic. I recommend it.
  2. If you travel why not get mITX build?
    There is good case to do that. Just drop that cooler to smaller one.
    Corsair and Fractal do have cool and good case to do just that.
    Fractal Node 304 and CM have this.

    And this LinaLi is nade for traveller :D

    And Fractal do have nice uATX case.
  3. a mini itx case would have a hell of a time fitting in a 280ml rad. Also, he can't fit the g1 sniper in it, as well as any big gpus.
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    And why you can not put good video card to mITX case?
    That is sure thing that sniper do not fit. And not 240 rad. But 140mm rad is enough to cool cpu. Of why not make if custom loop build? Then you have video card water cooled too.
    With 350 that is best choice. SLI is not issue then.
    Looks like in this you can fit anything youd really need.

    Look this.
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