FX-8350 or stick with Phenom X4 965 @4.0

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I've been wondering for quite some time now whether I should stick with my current Phenom 965 @4.0 or buy an FX-8350. Am I going to notice a significant performance increase given that my phenom and the fx-8350 stock clocks are the same? (I have no intention on overclocking the fx-8350 with my current hyper 212+). Also, should I just hold out for any new cpu's that might be coming out (that are reasonably priced) by AMD? Any input you have on this would be great! Thanks!
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  1. there will be a significant performance jump on next gen games(using a 8350), for current gen ones, its really game dependent.
  2. I would personally say hold out for now. I have the same processor, looking to OC to the same speeds. That 965 will last you long enough into next gen to hold out until either 8350 price drops or the next gen of cpus. Wait and see how steamroller is, then decide, 8350 or next gen cpu.
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    The FX 8350 is a huge jump from the Phenom. It's one of the top AMD's on the market so i'd do it but make sure your motherboard can support it because it's a 120W and a newer series so not all AM3 boards do.
  4. The 8350 is a good increase but I am still holding out with my Phenom x4 till next year.
  5. I would hold off till Steamroller. I believe it should be out early next year.
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