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Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the best SSD (128gb or 250+ for gaming only) mobo, cpu (AMD or Intel for next gen games?) psu, gpu (not sure of SLI because i heard bad things about it and power usages) for single monitor 1920x1080 gaming at a $1300-1500 build budget? i know future proof does not exist but i would love to have a build that would be rock soild for years to come and only have to replace my gpu in the near future. I would also like to mention that the games i would be will be playing is WoW, FF14, BF4, TitanFall, Dark souls 2, Dragon age 3, etc next gen games. thanks!

Here is my build let me know if its rock solid for my budget -

P.S I have seen the requirements of BF4 and really confuse about it like why recommend a 660 and 3gb?? but anyways if this is like a heads up that next gen games are going to require 3gb+ and maybe more ram would be best to do so?
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    Build looks great, don't see any problems at all. You could save a bit of cash with a cheaper motherboard, but that's a personal preference. Good job!
  2. thanks for the input this is actually my first build so idk if this motherboard is best for my choice though i do want a good one because i do not want to deal in the future about replacing my board for years to come so yeah..same goes for the rest of my parts =/
  3. Also i do know my motherboard is a kinda overkill but is that a good thing like would that be best so that i do not have to worry about motherboards for years to come? same goes for my other parts that i have choose.
  4. All great choices , nice components.
  5. Cool thanks for the reply SR-71, about the next gen gaming part though, BF4 requires 3gb VRM i feel that this is a sign that 3gb+ would be require in the near future so would it be best to buy a 4gb verison of 770 or 3gb 780 rather than a 770 2gb? also i would like to know if AMD is more favored and should be now that Xbone and ps4 are AMD so idk whether it would best to go for a AMD gpu/cpu or?
  6. That's going to be a good card for a couple of more years , great choice.
  7. thanks and you are talking about the card in my pcpartpicker correct?
  8. Yes I am.
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