New Build won't work with monitor

Hello everyone, I just finished my first build and everything seems to be running great. The CPU fan is on the graphics card fans are also on and everything seems to be functional except for when I try to hook it to my monitor it won't get a signal from either VGA or HDMI can someone tell me whats causing this?

CPU:i5 3570k
GPU:Radeon 7950
MOBO: Asus P8Z77 V-LK LGA 1155
Monitor: ASUS VS Series VS238H-P Black
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    Yep you most likely have to go into the bios section of the motherboard.
    Disable the on board graphics chip set of the motherboard if it has one.

    Or there will be a menu where you can select what graphics card is the default primary output device.

    You will have an option of what order to put them in Pci-e should be first.
  2. Thank you very much for the input. Problem Solved
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