Gigabyte or Powercolor for 7950 GPU?

I'm trying to decide which brand to go with for a Radeon 7950 a GIGABYTE GV-R795WF3-3GD or a PowerColor PCS+ AX7950 3GBD5-2DHPP. Gigabyte has 3 fans(powercolor has 2) and triangle cool technology. The core clock is 900 mhz compared to 880 for the powercolor. They both come out to $200 USD after the rebates. The reviews on Newegg are a lot worse for the Gigabyte than for powercolor which is one of the main reasons I'm having a hard time deciding. I've heard people complain about both of these brands when it comes to making GPU's saying they can't be trusted so I wanted to hear some more opinions that might say otherwise according to experience or let me know of other more trusted brands. Though I don't think I'll find this card for this price with 2 or more fans.
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  1. Get powercolor one, gibabyte are noisy
  2. Powercolor 2 fans cool better than gigabyte 3 fans, gigabyte is noisier, seriously recommend the powercolor.
  3. mhtsgr9 said:
    Gigabyte --> Decent RMA service, will give back new products if found faulty -- however no RMA tracking
    MSI --> Also a decent RMA service, high quality parts.
    Asus --> Worst RMA service in the world
    Powercolor --> Decent RMA service, price less, low quality capacitors and inductor
    Sapphire --> Arguably one of best Radeon card makers, also one of the oldest.

    Thank you very much for your timely responses. I've decided to go with the Gigabyte as I feel it is a better bang for my buck with 3 fans for cooling and core clock of 900mhz at that price is hard to beat. Don't know too much about powercolor honestly and I read that the way their fans are designed they blow the hot air right back on the GPU. Not very efficient cooling, at least Gigabyte has the triangle cool technology but thank you both for your input it is much appreciated :)
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    pffft, have fun with your windturbine.
  5. aatje92 said:
    pffft, have fun with your windturbine.

    Gigabyte is quiet, it's not loud at all. Most of their products are quieter. Unless yours is faulty that is?
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