Just me? or W8 is a big piece of crap

I tough I was "upgrading" from XP to windows 8 since vista and windows 7 are both a piece of crap too, why do I say this... windows vista and 7 don't really offer any kernel level boost on performance the only good thing about those versions is the UAC the rest is just more fancy stuff... I prefer performance over appearance and not because my computer is slow i like to have it working efficiently as possible and fast, I don't like to wait for animations either.

Then I started suffering from the lack of support in XP like the new directXs and stuff like that so I started reading where to upgrade and I read that windows 8 was really kernel improved to boost performance cause it was also tablet oriented where battery life and resources are limited... so i liked it and decided to upgrade...

to my surprise it felt lot more comfortable to the likes of me than windows 7... but

It has a big issue in my computer at least... and is related to the functionality of the task manager...

It feels lot slower when you have a process stuck hanging the computer pressing ctrl+alt+surp in XP used to somehow redirect the processor load to the system not sure if adjusting priority the thing is that the computer used to stat responding almost instantly after but in windows 8 when one process hangs... sometimes I found myself forced to just force reset the computer by turning it off since it just wont respond and would stay the whole system stuck forever just like in the times of windows 98.

I would like to hear about your experiences about windows 8 and if this is just my issue or its really a piece of crap.

Also the system sometimes just wont shutdown and think its related to the same problem sometimes the task manager just cant kill process when hang sometimes things that in around 15 years using XP were extremely rare.
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  1. What kind of PC are you using? Win 7 was a major improvement though, and i think win8 is marvelous, works fast en responsive here.
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