*Help* AMD Phenom II x4 945 no display/ flash bios

Hey currently I have no display on my computer (Specs below) after I flashed new bios. Specs of the desktop are as follows..

-AMD Phenom II x4 945

As you can see the specs in that link, Im not sure what model is, thats the most I narrowed it down to, and there both on the same socket.

I flashed and the computer "Boots". Lights up, fans on, HDD makes noise etc. But no display appears. tested multiple moniters, VGA/HDMI. Any way I can fix, relflash? etc
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  1. If you made sure you got the correct bios firmware for the right model number of your motherboard, and the flash went ok without any error messages.

    You may need to factory reset the bios via the jumper pins on the motherboard.
    This will fully refresh the bios and clear out any setting left by the old bios firmware.

    You should always make a backup,or save of the old bios firmware before upgrading it.
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