Intel HD 4600 on the sims 3 (all expansions)

I tried running the sims 3, with all expansions on my pc which is using Intel HD 4600... when its time to play (on the game itself) my pc crashes spectacularly. There's a notification that says grapic driver has crashed and restarted... after a couple of "restarts" my computer completely freezes.

My PC Specs

Intel i7 4770
8gb ram
Gigabyte z87 board
600 w cougar PSU
<no dedicated gpu>

anyone has any idea why? it keeps me baffled because i can run it on my 8400gt card, with mixed settings from low to high...

my suspect is that the game really needs a dedicated GPU.. pls confirm guys..
Thanks.. :)
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    it says it supports intergrated graphics, but at that time, it was on the chipset, not cpu.
    I think HD 4600 is too new for that old game. maybe they'll have new driver that will fix this problem or maybe not.
    ask intel and see what they say.
  2. Did you install drivers?
  3. Installed all drivers, and also updated.. so that why im quite baffled... its like O.o... i might buy a gt 630 but it seems vs my onboard it won't improve or maybe even downgrade it... the only advantage having that card is to have a dedicated gpu which takes off the load on my cpu.. :D
  4. it is a shame that you dont have a high end videocard with that system...
  5. Is it a legal version of the sims? If it isn't, non wonder it doesn't work.
  6. Don't worry about the card, ill buy a 700 series when 800 comes out cause my priority is having a quadro card for work...

    @aatje92 its legal.. btw, the non legal ones works just fine with my previous pc with 8400gs.. :) on medium settings.. :D
    (The base was given to me and a few expansions, my big mistake is buying the other expansions when i had the money.. lol)
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    That's not a mistake, you should support the companies whose programs you enjoy. Weird it doesn't work, you could contact Intel or EA (The Sims Studio) to see if it's a recognized problem
  8. whoa, it ran.. :D i installed the Iris & HD graphics driver and its currently running... lol.. :D
    i checked my drivers before (thru windows) and it says its updated... i guess i shouldn't trust windows then..

    Thnks for the feedbacks though.. :) i'll "pick" the "solution" for you guys.. :)
    it seems that the "intel hd graphics drivers" doesn't affect the 4600 ones
  9. Ah, no windows doesn't handle drivers that well :p
  10. it can only handle upto medium shaders and high reflections... but with full textures.. :D a little slower fps though
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