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hi, i am looking for a high performance raid 10 controller card. i was wondering if you could suggest and good ones? thanks in advance.
BTW, the motherboard i am getting can handle PCI 3.0 x16 ports.
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  1. How many ports? If you want up to 8 drives (but more than 4), THIS works very well. If you need more ports the 71605E is a good card for up to 16 drives, but I don't think it comes in a kit package with the 8087 mini SAS to 4 SATA cables like the 6805E, which includes two cable and saves you a fair amount by going in kit form.

    There is also a smaller 6405E that can handle 4 SATA drives.

    If you want the option of RAID 5 or 6 available, the cost goes up quite a bit, and there I would look at the Adaptec series 7 cards. And if you will use SAS drives you need a different cable model.
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