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I had bought a desktop galaxy gx series a week ago and decided to install Ubuntu and replace windows 8 but it messed up during installation and I had to remove it from my hard drive because it was screwed being I couldn't use it unless I removed all of ubuntus partitions so I did but now when I but without the Ubuntu disk doesn't read my windows disk during boot every time I boot it says "no bootable device found or device failed" and my boot options are either Ubuntu or Ubuntu I can't even load windows recovery altho when I use try Ubuntu using the disk it and go to gpartritions it shows up as a parturition on my HDD.
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  1. messed up your partition table and master boot record, probably from grub being installed, uninstalled, UEFI bios booting from Windows 8, etc. Can try booting with windows disc and going into repair options and either let it try to fix it itself, or getting a command prompt and making sure the partition is active with diskpart and there is a fix mbr tool you can use from the command prompt, i forget the exact command, but you can google it.
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