CPU FX-8350 Max Temp

Hi guys, i ask about CPU temp and i see a lot of thread about but i still need to know :)

I guess my computer is too hot :
check this :

Mother board : GA-970A-UD3 x.x bios: F7

Thx to you
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  1. looks fine
  2. what is this 87° Max i think before installing HWmonitor is cpu
  3. run prime95, then see what the temps are while thats running.
  4. With prime 95 + Game path of exile + photoshop

  5. I believe you dont want to go over 65'c on a 8350, but I cant find any concrete answers. What cpu cooler are you using?
  6. i use this : Be Quiet ! Dark Rock Advanced
  7. nobody have an idea ?
  8. tjmax should be 90c so 65c should be okay
  9. hum ok... sometimes in max temp i can see 250° but average 60° 65° for CPU
    I'm affraid my Computer burn :(
  10. no don't worry about that. That just some sensor error. HWMONITOR sometimes makes mistakes.

    My hwmonitor reads 81c max, when my current value is 31c, and my cpu is idle.
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