Can gtx 760 handle bf4 at full hd

I have 2 gb version of it .......but as requirements say 3 gb .....
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  1. You will be able to run this game above 60FPS on medium. The reason why BF4 recommends 3GB of GPU Memory is because the game uses a engine which is now extremely powerful which requires a lot of VRAM.

    And the 3GB VRAM thing is under recommend so I would not worry at the moment till BF4 beta comes and see how it performs...
  2. What setting in game takes max amount of VRAM it possible to run this game on my card with mix and match of high and ultra settings with low aa ..I don't really like aa( too much) for me txaa 2x or even fxaa is ok .....
  3. And will I be able to run this game on ultra at 1366*768 resolution
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