Best HTPC CPU...or APU?

I'm looking to build an HTPC and am trying to decide on the least powered CPU that will still accomplish what I'm looking to do. The goal: to have 4 tv tuner streams and play/stream HD content. Would the G1610 be sufficient? Maybe an A4-5300 or G2020? No gaming, no gimmicks, just straight DVR responsibilities is the plan.

I'm leaning towards the G1610, but just don't know if it will be underpowered, or if the AMD APU's will handle the video better. Thanks ahead of time!
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  1. I would go with the AMD APU. I have never had much luck with an Intel IGP. Also with that many streams, you might want to consider a quad core APU.
  2. generally the APUs have far superior onboard graphics, while sporting underpowered cpus. that said nothing you're planning on doing with it will challange a cpu, so i'd grab an apu for it.
  3. I'm not totally familiar with the AMD APU's. So for a quad core would I be looking at something like an A8-5500? Any recommendation on a particular APU?
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    the a8/a10 cpus are all strong quad cores (basically the same core to a fx 4300, only without the L3 cache). they also sport stronger gpus.

    the a4/a6 are all dual cores. generally they're low power consumption cpus if you're interested in energy savings.

    since you aren't gaming get a non-k version if you can find one cheap enough... if they're more expensive then the k version, you can always downclock or undervolt the k version to lower the power consumption.
  5. Quad core APU all the way

    AMD A8-6500 3.50GHz (Socket FM2) APU Richland Quad Core Processor
    Integrated HD 8570D Graphics, Quad-Core Technology, 3.50GHz Clock Speed, 800MHz GPU Clock Speed, 4MB L2 Cache, 256 Radeon Cores, DDR3-2400 Support, 65W TDP, 3 Year Warranty.
    Get the best of every world with the 2nd generation AMD A-Series Processor. The accelerated performance of multicore CPU technology and the brilliance of premium AMD Radeon™ graphics technology come together in one chip, at one great price.

    - Enjoy music, photos and videos fast with next generation performance.
    - Enjoy smooth, stabilized videos with AMD Steady Video technology 2.0.7
    - Stream fast, browse and share with enhanced Windows® 8 apps, media and more.
    - USB 3.0 makes it easy to share photos and videos.

    - 4 cores (Quad Core technology)
    - 3.50GHz Stock speed
    - 4.10GHz Turbo speed
    - 4MB Cache
    - 65W TDP
    - Onboard IGP: HD 8570D, 800MHz Core speed, 256 Stream Processors
    - Hybrid Crossfire Capable with HD 6670 / HD7750
    - 3yr Warranty
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