RAM slots 1 & 2 don't work with MSI Z77 Mpower

my specs are: MSI Z77 Mpower
Gskill RipjawsX 3 x 4gb 1600mhz
Intel i5 3570k
If i install RAM into my mobo's slot 1 or 2 error code 55 comes up(digits on mobo) and my machine does a reboot cycle, every 10 seconds.
If i put RAM in slot 3 OR (not and) 4 it however does work and i can access my computer.
This is obviously a problem as i can't have more than 4gb of RAM at a time.
Is there a way (eg in the bios) where i can fix this problem?
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  1. Either failing ram slots or the bend pin inside the CPU socket in the MB. You are better to check out first or return the MB if you can I mean under warranty.
  2. cin19 said:
    Either failing ram slots or the bend pin inside the CPU socket in the MB. You are better to check out first or return the MB if you can I mean under warranty.

    I don't think it is the CPU pins as many other people seem to experience the same problem with this motherboard. Unless the motherboard was shipped with damaged pins i don't believe that is the solution.
    Update: if i put 2x4gb on channel 3&4 the computer does work. Still get the reboot cycle if i put RAM in 1 or 2, or both:(
  3. I got the exact same problem with my motherboard. Same motherboard as you, brand spanking new.... I don't THINK it's my CPU, but I've tried everything else, so guess I have to give it a go at trying to find a replacement just for me to test it out.
  4. I have the same kind of problem with an asrock x58 extreme6 its triple channel a1 a2 b1 b2 c1 c2.
    I have had to shuffle them alrdy in the beginning when i just had bought the pc and assembled it but finnally i had all 6 working (12gb). After a year or so i cleaned my pc for dust or something and puttet them out again and did try the shuffling in order again to get them all work but couldnt find the combination tried them all.
    Also the motherboard manual says u need to occupy a1 and a2 prior or it wont boot up.
    Those 2 slots give me the problem and strange but true if i let those empty i can boot with the right mem module in the right slot and the right pair combination in the b or c channel.
    Looked like every slot needed a unique modulebank and also depending what other bank was in the other slot could make or break it.
    If i did a wrong combination i could get 2 mem banks to work and after switching combinations again i had 4 mem banks working.
    Even when a1 and a2 wouldnt post 2gb i puttet them in the boardslots after the other 8 gb would post and gave no problem like it would if i would start with a1 and a2.
    So with all 6 rams in and 4 posting i used some computer programs to look at the memory etc.
    One time in linux, a program reported to see all 6 memory banks but said a1 and a2 were in single mode memory and were interlaced or something( not working/forming as a channel together)
    And memory b channel and c channel were working in dual channel mode not in triple.
    Im now looking at a program named driver genius at the topic hardware info and it reports 10GB so 5 slots 1 slot is missing and also in dual channel mode still.
    Ive been searching for a solution to this problem a while now and the possibilities stays the same either a pin bend by the processor socket or a faulty ram socket.
    I can get all banks to work independitly only combining them in certain channels is giving me boot problems so it feels like that old game called crack the code but the color hints are not present.
    It just hints me with a a no boot, or do boot but ram not showing up in bios.
    Cant be the powersupply its 1200 watt and it used to work with standaard volts from bios but vendor recommended higher volts for overclocking stilll guarenteeing warranty.
    Im not to fond about touching the processor again and take the cooler off to look for a bent pin but its the only thing i didnt do or tried yet, so maybe ill buy some pasta soon and do it anyways.
    I also starte to have a problem with nvdia drivers or the 2 video cards running in sli and lately they alrdy giving signs of trouble when i put just 1 in.
    Saved cash to buy a top end pc back then and its giving problem after problem.
    Wasted my cash, wish i still had the money i used to have cause im a rather poor lately.
    Damn computers trying to get me crazy. There taking over the world be aware.
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