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So when i built my first computer i wanted to do something different and the APU+Dedicated card intrigued me. I am currently running the a10-5800k with a 1 gig gddr5 6670 in dual graphics mode. In the few games that support it, it works beautifully and adds about 30% fps boost vs just the card. But the games that work well with it are few and far between. My questions is how much of a bottleneck will it be to get a $200 card like the radeon 7850 to put in this system to replace the 6670? My other thought is if i get a coolermaster hyper 212 as well and get the a10 to a stable 4.5-4.6 ghz (which seems very doable if you believe youtube), how much of said bottleneck do you think that would alleviate? Or should i just spend that $230-$240 on a better CPU(amd FX or intel i3-i5 is a whole other matter) and motherboard and stick with the 6670 till i can afford a better one 6 months down the road(got my first kid on the way so not very much "me money" anymore)?
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  1. you shouldnt get any bottleneck with the 7850 even with stock speeds
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    At 19x10 & up, you can run any discreet card you want with your APU. It should blast through most games (except, the usual suspects).

    As more profiles are added to dual graphics, and the drivers get better and better, your issues are likely to surround the 'GDDR5' as opposed to 'GDDR3' - but improvements to frame-pacing should make that mo' better.
  3. I bought gigabyte 6670 2GB here and the performance is amazing! Try this 2Gb version which is the BEST A10-5800k compatible graphic card.
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