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can't install windows 8 on ssd

I just bought a desktop last week from Dell and it came with hdd (I didn't have option to upgrade to ssd). I wanted to upgrade to ssd, so I bought corsair ssd from Fry's yesterday.

I tried to install windows 8 (reinstall DVD came with dell desktop), the window reinstall gone through to the point of window restart and after restarting it didn't boot up.

Please help me.
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  1. Did you still have the HDD attached?

    AHCI mode used?
  2. I unplug the hdd. sure, used AHCI mode.
  3. Were they restore discs or a windows install disc.
  4. it said "operating system, already installed on your computer, windows 8 recovery media for windows 8 products 64 bit"
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    I don't believe the dell restore set will work on a fresh ssd , I would contact dell support.
  6. If I format old hdd and use it as storage hdd. Will I be able to install windows 8 again in future? (in case, If i need to reclone ssd) I will happy using cloned ssd since it's already fast enough for me. But I don't want my old hdd which has 2TB in size laying and collecting dust (I paid for it, so I want to make it useful)
  7. Should be able to.
  8. it mean only new hdd/ssd are not recognized by dell's OEM windows, right? I'm kinda noob to computer system, pardon me. After formatting, why dell's OEM windows still recognize old hdd? I had dell laptop before, and I deleted and formatted the hdd several times, and reinstall windows using DVD provided by dell again and again (I even did some partitions on it) and it was totally ok.

    What's the difference between hdd came with dell system vs newly purchased hdd/sdd?

    Thanks a lots for your kind answers.
  9. In my opinion it should work , I've never had issues.I usually use a straight OS install , no recovery dvd's.That's why I like the actual OS discs.I like to install my own drivers , software etc.
  10. I also would love to install using Retail OS but dell didn't give me OS. by the way, If I contact dell, how would be the answer? My system is i7 3770, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 1GB GDDR5, and ssd.

    I won't play games or editing photos, video on this computer. I will do studying, listening music, watching videos, web browsing on this one. I want my system faster and faster. So, to optimize the speed, which should be the next step of upgrade?

  11. Just tell them about your upgrade , they will help you.
  12. ok thanks a lot
  13. SSD's help the performance of the OS and software installed on it , but they don't really improve gaming.
  14. it's fine since I don't do gaming on this computer. I love consoles. :)
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