Best budget graphics card upgrade from GTX 550ti?

Hey all.

Thanks for reading this post.

Per the title i'm looking for a new graphics card for my basic gaming system for around £150 (max £180). The cpu is a Q6600 (I know, I know, but it's still running newer games at my preferred resolution of 1280 v 768 so I'm more than happy!) and the 550ti has served me fantastically well but think it's time for an upgrade.

I was looking at the 650ti Boost 2gb. Would that compliment the cpu? Does anyone have or had experience of this card?

I was also thinking about a 760 as I have one in my main gaming rig so could move it to that for SLI at a future date, but was mainly concerned about the bottleneck the Q6600 would cause right now.

Although I would much prefer a Nvidia card, if anyone can recommend an AMD equivalent at the same price range, but more importantly performance wise, then feel free to let me know:

As always, advice is much appreciated and thanks in advance:)
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  1. Type into Google "Scan One Day Deals" they currently have GPU sales :)
  2. either card will be a major upgrade and run anything at your resolution. will your cpu bottleneck either, yes......... so what.
  3. Got a 670 from here last week, seems to be a good deal.. £180
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