Water Cooling, DDC or D5?

So here's the setup:

1 CPU block
2 VGA blocks
1 120mm rad
1 240mm rad

Which water pump? DDC or D5?
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  1. I think a Dual DDC is the best choice for your loop. Else do this way -
    Res > DDC Pump > GPU Block > Rad > Swiftech Apogee with DDC Pump > Rad
    This is the best choice and I am sure you will have high flow rates. If none's possible , get a D5.
    P.S - Add the 240mm RAD before the 120mm one as it will increase flow rates.
  2. Best answer
    D5 would be the better choice, more powerful.
  3. So a single D5 would be sufficient to flow water through that loop? Coz if that's the case then I will go with that. Save me some money from purchasing 2 DDCs.
  4. Yes you would only need the one D5.
  5. Where do I place the pump on the loop?
  6. Any place that you want , it has to push the liquid through the whole loop any ways.
  7. So it'd be ok if I run it like this?

  8. Thanks for your answers! They've been very helpful.
  9. Your welcome , water cooling can get addictive as you get more familiar with it and see all the different parts that there are and what you can cool with water. You can end up with several loops and multiple pumps, reservoirs and radiators.
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