970 vs 990FX? Chipsets, RAM speeds and usb 3.0

Within a week i plan to build a PC using some new componements and some already used componements. That's not the problem though, it's with memory speed and maximizing CPU performance.

The new processor i plan to buy is the AMD FX-8320 which runs @ 3.5 Ghz, and it will be cooled by a Corsair Hydro H55 (I may go overclocking at some point). I also saw a great deal on 8gb of G. skill Ripjaws memory running at 2133mhz. Also I will be using my trusty MSI R6950 2gb Twin Frozr III.

Now for the motherboard (the problem). I really like the Asrock motherboards and was going to order the 970 Extreme4 motherboard, although the 970 Pro3 R2.0, which is about the same price, is also an good option considering an aditional SATA-600 port. On the other side there is the Asrock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard (which doesn't have an USB 3.0 header (which i tend to use for my frontal connector (which is handy for swopping portable hdd's quickly))).

What motherboard is recommended if i want to use very fast RAM memory and use my processor to it's max potential, considering the motherboards' chipsets and supported memory? Or how should the motherboard/BIOS be overclocked if i tend to use the max rams speed?

990FX Extreme3:
970 Extreme4:
970 Pro3 R2.0:

Thanks in advance
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    You can run two DIMMS at 1866MHz at standard FX speeds, but for 2133MHz you will probably need to increase the CPU/NB frequency to 2400MHz from 2200MHz.
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