G.Skill offering X in place of Z RAM for P9x79 Pro. Should I take it?

Hi, I built a new system 2 months ago which has yet to boot. The Motherboard is the Asus P9x79 Pro and the CPU is the i7 3930K.

I've RMA'd the CPU already as well as the Motherboard for a 3rd time. Still nothing. The first rep at ASUS said the ram was compatible but the 3rd rep found that it is actually NOT on their QVL and so they can't troubleshoot any longer. The ram works fine in my other system and the P9x79 Pro IS on the G.Skill's compatible list.
G.Skill offered to swap my current ram F3-12800CL10Q-32GBZL with F3-12800CL10Q-32GBXL, but that series is STILL not on the QVL fro ASUS so I'm afraid I'll be back at square one, only another 2 weeks later with still no working computer.

I know the X series is on sale often while the Z Series is not. I recall paying extra for the Z-Series so I feel that I'm getting the short end of the stick if they swap it out and still no guarantee that my system is going to boot. Should I accept the offer of swapping Z with X or should I fight for a refund and pay another $150 extra for some RAM on ASUS's QVL?
It's been 2 months and I need this system NOW. What are your recommendations?
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    I would want the Z, a refund, even though they are priced the same at Newegg. The Z is advertised as being "Quad channel memory designed for Intel LGA2011 and X79 systems." If they are out of the 32GB package, let them send you the 64GB package since your board can support it and G.Skill says that you need the 64GB kit rather than 2 32GB kits for it to work.

    I know that is a stretch, but they still sell the Z and should replace it or upgrade you.
  2. Thanks for your opinion RealBeast. I've replied to their RMA offer and asked for a replacement of the same series (Z). Hopefully this will be an easy process! Otherwise I'll eBay these and buy some Corsair.
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