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Hey Tom's

I have am odd issue that I havent been able to figure out ever since last night.

On my main computer last night, I was playing Left 4 Dead 2, and all was fine until I lost connection. It bugged out and froze; I ended up having to Ctrl+Alt+Del out of the game.

I figured no big deal. Just restart the game and all is good. I did have some mods that I believe were causing problems, so I disabled them.

Ever since, I have been having problems with my compute having random freezing instances. They last for about a second and are random. Usually, the CPU useage spikes when this occurrs. I am unable to move the mouse, or see what is being typed (like this post). I've never had problems with this comptuer before, and its sorta my main workhorse.

Anyone got any ideas? I can burn a memtest disc later if that is the case.


P.S. My specs are in the signature, if you need more info just ask.

P.P.S. Load does not seem to matter, as I am running prime95 and its running as it usually does with p95. It does occurr more often when I have L4D2 open.
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  1. Do a disk check real quick, right click on the hard drive > properties > tools and do the disk check(restart required).
    Also try reinstalling the video drivers.
  2. I just did the disk check, and it didnt seem to do anything. It didnt prompt for a restart either.

    I will install the video drivers after a restart. I might try to start in safe mode to see if it is a software or hardware problem.
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