SATA to USB adapter killed my HDD?

Long story short, I upgraded the hard drive inside my iMac (WD Caviar Black 1TB WD1001FALS) to a nice SSD.

I installed a fresh copy of OS X on the SSD and then used a SATA to USB adapter to connect the old HDD to the iMac and copy over the old files.

Once I finished doing this successfully, my intention was was format the hard drive and add it to my ReadyNAS 102 (Network Attached Storage).

Thing is, once I inserted it, it started doing a weird buzzing sound and then started clicking.

I've tried hooking it back up to the iMac or another PC using the SATA to USB adapter but all it does is click.

I ended up giving up on it and installed a new 1TB HDD in the NAS, which worked perfectly.


Have any of you seen something like this happen? I mean it's a pretty new hard drive, it's only about 2 years old. It was also healthy according to SMART. It was just random. It died from the moment I unplugged it from the adapter and tried using it in my NAS.

I read that WD has a 5 year warranty on this specific hard drive... so I guess I could ask for a replacement. Am I doing anything wrong though? Anything I could try?

It has not been dropped or anything. It's sat at my desk without moving inside of the computer since I got it.

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    Probably just bad luck and odd timing.

    I would RMA it and not look back.

    They have a pretty easy RMA process and ask no questions if you just tell them it failed their Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool.
  2. You don't mention properly ejecting it while it was a usb device. You can't just unplug harddrives as it can cause damage.
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