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Ok, so I know that a graphics card takes the work off of the processor, so I (obviously) use that for gaming, but if I have the monitor with the game being played plugged into the GPU, and a second, lets say playing youtube, plugged into the onboard, are they going to collide, as in, will the game use the GPU and youtube use the processor?

any help will be greatful, Thanks
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  1. ok thanks
  2. It is generally a better idea to use all monitors off the GPU, as integrated graphics are kinda, well, bad.
  3. ok, sorry if this ins't your field, but can you use say a dual core processor on a single core motherboard
  4. Motherboards typically dont have cores, well they dont actually. The main thing to look for is the socket type. I have an AM3 processor on an AM3+ board. I cant use an intel 1150 socket processor on it and so on.
  5. You can not use these two products together.

    The motherboard is a LGA1150 and the CPU is a LGA 1155.

    The '1155' and '1150' numbers represent the number of pins that connect the CPU to the motherboard. Not only would the 1155 CPU not fit the 1150 motherboard physically, even if it could, there would be 5 pins disconnected.

    You must match a 1150 motherboard with a more recent 1150 CPU, try a 4000 series of Intel CPU.
  6. oh my bad, lets just say they were the same, are they compatable, not being specific
  7. If the socket types are the same, and the board can support the wattage of the chip, which goes along with the socket that is all you need.
  8. ok thanks
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