Is This Build Good For Next Gen Games?

Okay so its a Digital Storm Vanquish.

Cpu:Intel Core i5 4670K 3.40 GHz
Gpu:GTX 770m (with PhysX)
RAM:8 gb DDR3 1600mHz
Screen:Acer 24 inch (Widescreen) (Black) (High-Performance Gaming Display)


Alienware 14
GPU:GTX 765m
CPU:Intel i7 4700mq (2.4-3.4)
RAM:8 gb DDR3 1600 mHz
Screen: 1080p Full Res
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  1. Both are half decent, but the Mobile versions in All-in-One's are necessarily lower performance than a regular desktop version.

    All-In-One's also have the drawback of being harder to troubleshoot. If your screen becomes defective you can't simply swap it either (and the reverse).

    If you're set on either one just read some reviews. Probably about as good as you'll get in that form factor.

    Not sure of your budget, but BUILDING a regular desktop PC with separate monitor would probably give you the best value and be better for troubleshooting.
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