How much GB GPU?

I want to get a Radeon GPU and I was wandering how many GB's i should get.

I play Skyrim, Far Cry 3, CoD Black ops 2, Assasins creed 4.

Please help i need your opinion. :) Thanks
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  1. Monitor resolution? What is the budget?
  2. If you play at 1080p, I wouldn't get more than 3gb depending on what card you buy. I wouldn't get less than 2 either. An nVidia 770 or 760 with 2gb's or 7950/7970 with 3gb's would work well.
  3. the amount of gb is the last thing you should worry about when getting a new card.
    What are your system specs, cpu and power supply?

    What is your desired monitor resolution and how much money are you willing to spend for the new upgrades?
  4. Wait until the next Radeon GPUs come out. Sometime this month their supposed to say something.
  5. 3gb should be the sweet spot, bf4 system requirements apparently needs 3gb, well not probably the whole 3gb but i can imagine 2gb being a little short (bf3 on ultra is close to 2gb iirc)
  6. I have a small budget but am willing to pay more if i have to.
    My monitor is 1080p

    Would 2gb still work?
  7. Cards up to HD7770 1GB, HD7850/70 2GB and HD7950/70 3GB.
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    How much money are you going to spend on it? If money is no object then get 4 Titans! If you want to spend around $600 then get an HD 7990 and enjoy your complimentary 8 free games. If you want to spend around $500 then get 2 GTX 760's and put them in SLI. If you want to spend $400 then get either sli 660's, crossfire HD 7950's, or a GTX 770. At $300 the HD 7970 can be found and it's a bargain. For $250 the GTX 760 is a good deal. At $200 the HD 7950 is the card to get. At around $150 the HD 7850 looks good. At $130 the HD 7790 and for $100 the HD 7770 is the best pick. Any of these cards can play the games you mentioned but the more you spend the higher the settings and frame rates you will get. Personally if I were to upgrade my graphics card today I would get an HD 7970 at $300 because of the value.
  9. 2gb should be fine for almost any game. but if you are not aiming to spend too much, then 2gb is plenty.
    since 3gb inside a slow card would be useless
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