PSU failure ,Please help me.

Hello , i have a problem with the PSU (spire ATX 420 w e3 ),It restarts everytime i enter in a game ,i search on the internet and i found the reson.My psu can't "hold" my components(CPU:intel celeron G530 2.4GHz ,4 GB ram ,ati radeon 6750) and it's restarting.The overclock is off.I'm not very good on the psu but i think i have to change it.My question is if this psu:(floston fl500) can hold my psu or it's better if i buy something else. And if i could do something to use less power until i buy a new PSU? Thanks and sorry for my english :)
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  1. mhtsgr9 said:
    ur PSU cant handle ur System
    get a new PSU..

    OK but my question is if the 500w will be able to handle the pc?Or i need something more powerfull?
  2. werner123 said:
    Hi, you should definitely replace your PSU, and the floston fl500 only has 18 Amps on the 12v Rail = 216 watts, it wont be reliable. Get the following PSU:

    Or link us to an online retailer where you buy from so we can see whats available.

    Thanks but the products from don't (deliver) to my country (romania).Can you check for me please if this psu are good enought for my pc?
    My max budget is 140RON (42.93 EUR+tva+transport) but if the price is lower is better ;) thanks and sorry for my english again.
  3. werner123 said:
    I cant really make out the descriptions, but this one > would be best if that is all you can get. If you can stretch your budget this one >

    Thank you very much .But i still don't get it why this (430w) cost more than this (550w) ?
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