Get hanged and beep once before start and shutdown

I custom built my computer 3years ago. All parts warranty is almost over. The problem starts last month when it stopped displaying. I took it to the shop where I purchased all parts. He said cpu temp goes high too much and put thermal paste on cpu. From that day to till today it was working fine except single beep sound at startup and shutdown time. But overall no problem. But today it just get hanged twice and stopped displaying. I try to start it but it just beep once and nothing else happened. The cpu fan is working and all 2fans are working but no display and the computer is hanged from start. What to do guys plz reply fast it is so frustrating.
System specs are:
I7-930 no oc
6gb corsair ram 1300mhz
2 1-1 tb hdd
stock cpu cooler
2fans one for inlet and other for outlet
600 w psu
Gigabyte x58-ud5 mobo
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    The single beep at start-up is your POST beep telling you the computer has completed it's Power On Self Test (POST) successfully - can't say about a beep at shutdown. I'll suggest you check your cable connections inside for anything loose as a first step here. Also check your external (also at monitor side) cables
  2. I fond that gpu is not working so I reinstall every thing. But display was still not there but when I put gpu in 2nd pci slot it start working. Everything is working well except the pci slot. I think might b dead. What can b the cause of it and can it get repaired or not. Ya beep sound is annoying. It never occurs earlier. I assume that the shop's repairman might done something in bios. Anyway thanks for quick reply.
  3. Sounds like the PCIe slot is bad - not much that can be done - you should still be under warranty on the motherboard, you should be able to RMA because of that
    Interestingly, I was going to suggest a graphics card or slot as a possibility but you didn't list one in your build specs...
  4. Thanks but motherboard is not under RMAas its warrenty is over 6 months ago. I hope I have to live with it or purchase another mobo after some period. I'm thinking to upgrade both mobo and processor to latest intel chipset. Thanks anyway I always get help from this forum. Tomshardware is best.
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